Glycerol ester of rosin for Poultry depilation

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Ester Gum for Poultry Depilation



Ester Gum for Poultry Depilation

Quality indicators:

ItemEster Gum for Poultry Depilation
AppearanceLight Yellow Solid
Acid value mgKOH/g ≤9
Soften Point(R&B,℃)≥85~90
Proportion 25℃1.080~1.090
Arsenic Content % ≤0.0002
Ash Content % ≤0.008
eavy Metal(以Pb计) ≤0.002
Odour and TasteOdourless and no bitter


The raw material of Poultry depilation rosin comes form The refined gum resin  of the high quality masson pine and the food grade glyceride of gum rosin which is produced through the esterification process.It is accords with the glyceride of gum rosin standard glycerin, GB10287-88 and GB2760-86,so it is safety for food making. With the excellent emulsification property and good tackify performance, so it can be used as a gum based agent.,Give gum into bubble, plasticizing, chewing resistance and good taste.


This product can be used to make gum glue, also can be used for poultry depilation,It is non-toxic and health, conforms to the national health standards.

The Depilation Process:

First put light yellow granular rosin glyceride into the heating pot, after being heated to dissolve, put the products into the pot bedaub with rosin glyceride, after 3 ~ 5 seconds fish out the product and rapid cooling in the pool. then stripping the rosin glyceride, the surface feather will constanly to take off, In the process of machining, rosin glyceride should always keep a molten state, and the height should not be higher than the heating pan for two-thirds height, avoid overflow or splash rosin glyceride to the outside of the pot. For hair removal products in heating pan shoulds not be too long, to prevent increase the product temperature and unfavorable to cooling, high temperture will affect the quality of the product. Moreover processing the products surface should be covered in rosin glyceride, otherwise all the surface of feather can not be removed.

Packing & shipping:

packed by 25Kg or 40Kg woven bags。


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