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Gum Rosin


Kind:Gum Rosin

Gum Rosin is a natural organic compound used essentially as basic raw material for chemical industry,Its modified products or derivatives are mainly used as raw material for the manufacturing of soap,paper,paint,rubber,ink,adhesive,electronic and intermedicates for synthetic organic chemicals.


Specifications and Applications

GradesTest methodXWW
AppearanceTransparent Solid
Color(USDA)Slight YellowLight Yellow
Conform to Chinese glass colorimeter standard cubes for rosin grading
Softening Point(Ring&Ball),℃≥GB814676
Acid Value(mg/KOH),≥ GB8146166
Non-saponification content,≤,%5
Insoluble matter in alcohol ≤,%0.03
Ash content≤,%0.02


230KGS net in gainvanized iro drum,25KG net in paper-plastics compound bags

Methods of Analysis



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