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Covestro TDI



Appearance: colorless to pale yellow liquid

Physical properties:

Density:1.225 g/mL at 25℃

Melting Point:124-126℃18mmHg(lit)

Flash Point:250℉

Refractive activeIndex:n20/D 1.568(lit.)

storage temp:2-8 ℃

Vapor Density:6(vs air) 

Vapor Pressure:0.03 mm Hg(25℃)

water solubility: Reacts.


1.It is widely used in the production of soft foam, sponges, paint, ester foam and othe industries. 

2. It is used in the synthesis of fiber, foamed plastic and rubber. 

3.It is also used as bonding agent.


Net 225KG per iron drum. 

TDI should be stored in metal containers sealed dry and cool place and ventilated places and far away from heat and 

fire. The storage temperature should be lower than 45℃.

In using TDI, prevent inhaling, vapor or skin contacting or swallowing.

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